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VE stands for Volunteer Examiner. These are the people that administers the FCC amateur radio examinations. Volunteers administer tests and conduct the testing process, that has been approved by the FCC. These tests are taken by unlicensed individuals to gain their first amateur radio license. These tests are also administered to persons with an existing amateur radio license to upgrade their privileges. Our team is not capapble of administering the GROL or any other commercial radio license testing.

There are three levels of Amateur Radio Licensing: Technician, General, and Extra. Each test must be passed before the next test can be administered. For example, persons must successfully pass the Technician test before the General test is administered. Once a test is passed, the next level test is available and offered. It is permitted for an individual to take multiple tests in one sitting. While it’s very unusual, it’s possible to go from zero to Extra in one test session. Most people take the tests one at a time, and move up one level in one test session.

Our team is affiliated with the Laurel VEC. We conduct regular testing at the Helwig Whistle Stop Office Building at 599 West Bagley Rd, Berea, OH. Our team will also schedule custom test sessions for organizations. We ask for a commitment of at least three persons to take the test and we ask for a suitable venue.

There is no cost to take the test. The test is completely free. If you fail a test, it is up to the examiners discretion whether to permit persons to take that test a second time. Generally when a person scores more then 50%, we will permit a second try, while a third try is generally not permitted. If the test score is less then 50% then more study is recommended. The time that has elapsed for that particular testing session will impact the decision whether to permit additional tests.

What do I need to bring to the test? You need to bring photo ID. Preferably a drivers license. Please bring a writing utencil. The test is a multiple choice test and answers are filled out on a “bubble sheet.” Pens are permitted, the bubble sheets are not limited to No. 2 pencils. You may bring a simple calculator. Smart phones and graphing calculators are not permitted. Two hours is allotted to the testing session. Most persons finish the Technician test in 20-40 minutes. While it's not required, it is desirable that you obtain an FRN from the FCC and bring the FRN with you to testing. Lacking an FRN, we will require you to put your social security number on several forms. If you have an FRN, then you will not need to write your social security number on any forms.

Getting an FRN from the FCC

The test is authorized by the FCC. The completed tests and forms are submitted to the FCC. One question on the forms asks whether the applicant has been convicted of a felony in the United States. This question must be answered if the applicant wishes to take the test. Whether taking the technician test for the first time or taking a test for an upgrade. Applications without this question answered are not considered and the test is not administered. If the applicant answers the question with "yes" then it's recommended to submit an explanation in writing along with the application. Here is more information about the Felony Question.

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please read the Laurel VEC FAQ

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